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Do you experience sudden severe facial pain? You might be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and searching for the best trigeminal neuralgia treatment in Jaipur. This is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve which is responsible for carrying sensation from the face to the brain. Many triggers can initiate this kind of facial pain such as brushing the teeth, eating, talking, shaving, smiling, simply touching the face, drinking water, washing the face, etc. The severity of the condition increases over time as in the initial phase, patients experience very mild attacks of pain, later on, the pain is felt more frequently. The pain felt more like an electric shock and stabbing on the face.

According to our pain management experts providing treatment for trigeminal neuralgia in Jaipur, there is no specific test for diagnosing this condition. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis might take some time. The treatment approach adopted to relieve pain depends on the severity of the condition and the major reason that is responsible for triggering the pain. One of the exclusive features of this type of pain is that it occurs in cycles and it may remain for days or weeks. The major areas that are affected due to pain included the lower part of the face such as the jaw along with some area around the nose and the eyes. This kind of neurological disorder can be inherited by children from their parents.

Although the pain cannot be completely alleviated anticonvulsant medications can significantly reduce the intensity of pain. The surgical treatment is recommended to patients who become unresponsive to medications. Irritation in the trigeminal neuralgia nerve is caused when it comes in contact with the healthy artery or vein at the base of the brain. This results in exerting extreme pressure on the nerve as it enters the brain which is the primary cause of pain.

Our pain management specialists provide the best cancer pain treatment in Jaipur

Spinal Cord Compression is experienced in patients who develop tumour in the spine or nearby areas of the spinal cord. When a tumour reaches the spine, it presses the nerve tissues of the spinal cord which can lead to several other kinds of pain such as neck or back pain. It may range from mild to moderate along with symptoms like pain, numbness, weakness in the body part. Radiation therapy is considered the best treatment alternative in pain conditions like spinal cord compression. The therapy is provided to the affected area where the tumour is pressing the spine. The radiation shrinks the tumour which later on can be operated on and removed. Apart from this, bone pain can also occur as a result of cancer pain. When cancer starts and spreads in the bones, it may cause extreme pain.

For treating cancer pain, several treatments are available and the doctor chooses the treatment approach after identifying the cause of pain and the existing condition of the patient. Moreover, intensity and the pain tolerance capacity of the patient also help in deciding the best minimally invasive treatment techniques for pain management. For mild to moderate pain, over-the-counter pain relievers are a good option. When it comes to non-surgical or less invasive methods, certain procedures can be done to block the pain signals. The nerve block procedures help in restricting the pain signals being sent from the brain. Pain specialists use numbing substances which are injected into the nerve or around the nerve. Further, Spinal Cord Stimulation can also be used for treating pain in which electrodes are placed near the spinal cord. These electrodes deliver a low-voltage electric current that helps in relieving pain.

Patients, who visit our pain management specialist for cancer pain treatment in Jaipur, undergo a thorough evaluation and assessment for their existing pain condition. Our experts review the symptoms along with the medical history of patients, the medications, and the current treatment process to devise a plan for pain management. The emotional and mental well-being of the patient is also evaluated as it is a major indicator that shows the intensity and how much pain is tolerated by the patient. The key objective of minimally invasive treatment techniques is to reduce the pain and improve the quality of life. Therefore, in more severe cases, a combination of techniques can be selected to provide the maximum benefits to the patients and help them get rid of the pain.