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Herpes Neuralgia Treatment in Jaipur

Do you experience burning pain due to shingles and searching for Herpes Neuralgia treatment in Jaipur? Postherpetic neuralgia can be referred to as a painful condition that primarily affects the nerve fibers and skin. The condition arises due to shingles and the complication arises due to chickenpox. Neuralgia can be described as the neuropathic pain that occurs along the course of the nerve. The neurological structure or the functioning of the nerve is altered when there is significant irritation or damage in the nerve. The patient feels an intense burning, stabbing, or shooting sensation of pain which occurs along the course of the affected nerve. Such kind of pain arises from the inside of the nervous system and is not caused by an outside stimulus, for example, an injury. The affected nerve sends pain signals as it is irritated or faulty.

Shingles are the primary cause of the pain and it is caused by the chickenpox virus or the herpes zoster virus. The pain management doctors providing Herpes Neuralgia treatment in Jaipur explain that the risk of the disease and the pain increase with the advancement in age and affect individuals who are more than 60 years of age. Although there is no cure for the disease, with the adoption of the right treatment and minimally invasive techniques of pain management, the symptoms can be eased to a great extent, and thus, the treatment helps in improving the overall condition of the patient in the near future. The major signs and symptoms of the condition include pain that remains for three or more months, itching and numbness, and sensitivity to light touch. Thus, the patient feels pain even wearing clothes as they touch the affected part of the skin.

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The shingles are caused by the herpes zoster virus which is responsible for diseases like chickenpox. As the virus remains in the body for the rest of life, it gets activated when the immune system is suppressed due to medications and treatments like chemotherapy. The outbreak of shingles can lead to significant damage to the nerve fibers and such fibers are unable to send messages from the brain. Thus, the incomplete messages lead to confusion and exaggeration which can cause chronic pain in the body which lasts for months and years. Before providing the Herpes Neuralgia treatment in Jaipur, the pain management doctors check for the severity of the condition which includes the intensity of pain and the duration of the pain condition. Moreover, other complications can also arise as a result of the pain, for instance, loss of appetite, depression, fatigue, inability to sleep and concentrate, etc.

The pain that occurs due to shingles cannot be ignored and therefore, minimally invasive pain interventions are considered to be the most appropriate treatment. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is one such treatment that uses electrodes for treatment. These are placed over the pain-affected area and the electrodes emit a small number of electrical impulses. This helps in relieving pain to some extent. Another approach is the Spinal Cord or Peripheral Nerve Stimulation which is a more safe, effective, and efficient way of treating different kinds of neuropathic pain conditions. The wire electrode is implanted under the skin along the direction of the peripheral nerves. The weak electrical current is given to the patients once the electrodes are in place to stimulate the peripheral nerves. Apart from this, Physical Therapy also plays an important role and is an effective alternative for the treatment.

The pain management experts providing Herpes Neuralgia treatment in Jaipur explain that a patient can be advised a combination of medications for the management of pain and other associated symptoms. Further, as symptoms may differ from patient to patient, the right treatment approach is adopted after evaluating the overall health conditions. Although it takes time, the pain caused due to this condition can improve over time but patients are recommended to take necessary medications that can significantly help in controlling the various symptoms and pain caused due to Herpes Neuralgia. Apart from using minimally invasive pain management techniques, exercise is equally important as it helps strengthen the muscles, reduce pain, and help in performing day-to-day routine activities easily.