Best Treatment For Tailbone Pain In Jaipur by Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Treatment for Tailbone Pain in Jaipur

Tailbone pain or Coccydynia can be referred to as the condition in which the tissues surrounding the coccyx (tailbone) are damaged and it causes severe pain and discomfort at the very bottom of the spine when you sit down. Our pain management specialists provide top-notch treatment for tailbone pain in Jaipur. This kind of pain can be caused due to trauma or any sudden injury such as a fall, or prolonged sitting on a narrow and hard surface along with degenerative joint disorders. In females, the tailbone pain can occur due to vaginal childbirth. One of the important parts of the spinal cord, the coccyx or tailbone provides essential support to the spine while sitting, and further, it is the point where numerous ligaments, tendons, and muscles run which keep our body mobile.

The pain specialists providing tailbone pain treatment in Jaipur recognize the pain as a sharp stabbing pain that primarily occurs when a person is sitting in an awkward position for a long time. The pain can start from the lowermost part of the back and might radiate down the legs or right up to the back. The inflammation of the coccyx can also occur due to other conditions such as sciatica, sacroiliitis, a fractured tailbone, and pilonidal cysts. Excessive pressure on the base of the spine can badly injure the tailbone and in case the patient has suffered severe back injuries, the coccyx can be dislocated such as in case of accidentally falling backward.

To accurately diagnose the tailbone, our neurologists conduct a proper examination of the vertebral column (spine) so that the exact cause of the pain can be revealed and the best treatment approach can be adopted. Primary diagnosis can be done through x-rays to determine the presence of fracture or dislocation of the tailbone but in serious conditions where x-rays are not able to diagnose, imaging techniques such as MRI and CT Scan can be used which helps in knowing the exact location of the pain.

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Depending on the severity of the condition, our pain specialists can recommend both surgical and non-surgical treatment to overcome tailbone pain. Surgeries like coccygectomy are performed as the last option in which a part of all of the coccyx is removed by the surgery to provide complete relief to the patient. The conservative treatment for tailbone pain in Jaipur mainly emphasizes on resolving the inflammation of the coccyx. The local cortisone injections can greatly help as the corticosteroid can assist in relieving the symptoms of coccydynia to some extent.

Other treatments for tailbone pain management include therapies such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which is a non-invasive and inexpensive technique to relieve the pain. This therapy involves the utilization of low-voltage electric currents that are directly targeted at or near the nerves. The major benefit of the therapy is it changes the perception of pain or blocks the nerves that carry the pain signals from coccyx to the brain. Our pain management doctors devise this therapy to patients who want to keep their medicine intake to the minimum. In severe pain conditions, high-frequency stimulations are given for a shorter duration while in normal pain conditions, low-frequency stimulations are given for a longer duration.

Our pain management experts providing treatment for tailbone pain in Jaipur adopt a personalized treatment approach as the cause of pain differs from patient to patient. Aging is an important factor that contributes to tailbone pain while joint damage due to general wear and tear or repetitive motions is also responsible for the occurrence of tailbone pain in individuals. Stretching and regular exercise apart from medications and non-invasive techniques can also help patients to relieve the pressure that is being exerted on the coccyx. The core emphasis in stretching is to improve the mobility of ligaments and muscles that are connected to the tailbone for providing necessary support to the coccyx. In addition to this, it is also recommended that the best way to prevent the coccydynia pain is to avoid any kind of injury and trauma to the tailbone that might be caused due to sudden accident or sports injury.